We Are YCM.

We are the young people that make up the Young Catholic Musicians. We come from three different dioceses in Missouri and Illinois. We come from different states, schools and walks of life, but we all believe through Christ we can do great things.

  • A Celtic Christmas Overture5:27

What Does YCM mean to you?

From YCM Members

~ A place where I can express my love for God and music all in one place ~ Matthew L

~ Second Family ~ Gabe S

~Friendships and supportive family ~ Greg U

~ Musical prayer with family ~ Lisa R

~ Great community, going on tours helps bond with group ~ Buffy P

~Teens practicing their faith with their talents in the best way they can. Also friendships that will always last.~ Sophia S

‚Äč~ Good friends and family ~ Grace T

~ Musical opportunities based on Christian values ~

Archdiocese of St. Louis

Young Catholic Musicians

To sing, is to pray twice!!

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