~~The Young Catholic Musicians Winter and Spring 2018 ~

On going Auditions.  Call or email for appointment at 314-231-7464 revycm@charter.net

January 15th Concert Singers

january 18th Concert Instruments

January 24th Concert Singers

January 30th Concert Instruments

January31 Concert Singers

February 6th Concert Instruments

February 8th Concert Singers

February 13th ALL Singers and Instruments

February 18th 10:30am Mass at St. Joan of Arc

March 1st ALL Singers and Instruments

March 4th 11:00am Mass at St. George

March 15th Concert Singers

March 20th Concert Instruments

March 26th Concert Singers

March 27th Concert Instruments

April 3rd Concert Singers

April 12th Concert Singers

April 16th Concert Singers

April 25th ALL Singers and Instruments

April 29th 9:00am Mass at St. John the Baptist

May 6th Concert Singers and Instruments

May 14th DRESS REHEARSAL at Epiphany

May 19th Summer Tour Concert 1:30pm


Schedule of Rehearsal, Mass and Performances

Young Catholic Musicians

Archdiocese of St. Louis

~~The Young Catholic Musicians ~

A special call is placed out to all 8-11th grade Instrumentalists

If you are interested in participating with The Young Catholic Musicians for the 2015-2016 season contact Fr. Bruce H. Forman, Director of Music 314-231-7464 revycm@charter.net